Clients - Docker

If you are using TezPusher.Web in Docker or as a stand-alone ASP.Net Core Application.

Sample Client

For reference please take a look at AgileVentures.TezPusher.SampleClient.Web.

1. Connect to SignalR Hub

You can connect to the hub for example like this (see signalr.service.ts).

You need a SignalR client library. In this sample we are using

Your usage may vary depending on your programming language and used client library.

private connect(): Observable<any> {
this.hubConnection = new signalR.HubConnectionBuilder()
return from(this.hubConnection.start());

2. Subscribe to updates

You can then subscribe to events like this. You can only specify the event types you are interested in.

this.hubConnection.send("subscribe", {
transactionAddresses: ['all'],
delegationAddresses: ['all'],
originationAddresses: ['all']

Note: transactionAddresses, delegationAddresses and originationAdresses are string[].

  • Specifying 'all' will subscribe the client to all transactions/delegations/originations respectively.

  • Using specific addresses in the arrays will only subscribe to events happening on these addresses.

For reference please take a look at AgileVentures.TezPusher.SampleClient.Web specifically signalr.service.ts.

3. Unsubscribe from updates

You can unsubscribe from events similarly to subscribing.

this.hubConnection.send("unsubscribe", {
transactionAddresses: ['all'],
delegationAddresses: ['all'],
originationAddresses: ['all']