Clients - Docker

If you are using TezPusher.Web in Docker or as a stand-alone ASP.Net Core Application.

Sample Client

For reference please take a look at AgileVentures.TezPusher.SampleClient.Web.

1. Connect to SignalR Hub

You can connect to the hub for example like this (see signalr.service.ts).

You need a SignalR client library. In this sample we are using

Your usage may vary depending on your programming language and used client library.

private  connect():  Observable<any> {
    this.hubConnection  = new signalR.HubConnectionBuilder()
    return  from(this.hubConnection.start());

2. Subscribe to updates

You can then subscribe to events like this. You can only specify the event types you are interested in.

this.hubConnection.send("subscribe", { 
   transactionAddresses: ['all'],
   delegationAddresses: ['all'],
   originationAddresses: ['all'],
   fromBlockLevel: 744190,
   blockHeaders: true

Note: transactionAddresses, delegationAddresses and originationAdresses are string[].

If your client missed some blocks and you want to continue where you left off, you can optionally specify fromBlockLevel parameter. This will first send all the subscribed information from the blocks starting at the specified block level.

  • Specifying 'all' will subscribe the client to all transactions/delegations/originations respectively.

  • Using specific addresses in the arrays will only subscribe to events happening on these addresses.

For reference please take a look at AgileVentures.TezPusher.SampleClient.Web specifically signalr.service.ts.

3. Unsubscribe from updates

You can unsubscribe from events similarly to subscribing.

this.hubConnection.send("unsubscribe", { 
   transactionAddresses: ['all'],
   delegationAddresses: ['all'],
   originationAddresses: ['all']

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