TaaS GraphQL

GraphQL API interface to Tezos Node RPC API

Sign in using your GitHub account on TezosLive.io and create your endpoint. You don't need to setup or host any server-side or Tezos infrastructure on your side.


Public GraphQL API endpoints are currently limited to

  • 1 000 requests per 24 hours

  • 10 requests per minute

For more information on querying the TezosLive.io GraphQL endpoint take a look here:


Be sure to try out GraphQL playground available at https://www.tezoslive.io/graphql

If you receive a response from your TaaS GraphQL endpoint with

HTTP 429 status code

Status Code: 429
Retry-After: 58
Content: API calls quota exceeded! maximum admitted 10 per 1m.

it means you are currently hitting the request rate limits.

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